IT solutions for management efficiency

Electronic documents and records

Digitization. Forms. Templates. Electronic signature

Automated processes

Automation of work processes. Consultations

Organizational management

Regulations and procedures. Business plans. Tasks. Business reports. Virtual decision making. Orders and authorizations

HR management

Employee files. Hiring and termination processes. Qualification documents. Approval of requests. Surveys and evaluations


Purchase approval. Contracts. Orders. Acts. Approval of invoices

Customers, suppliers, partners (CRM)

Contacts. Emails. Letters. Sales opportunities. Service requests. Customer needs


Project portfolio. PMO. Change management. Time and budget control

Internal communication

Intranet. Location. Surveys. Feedback. Knowledge bases. Social space

Information management

Activity records and documents. Technical documentation. Quality records and discrepancies.

Customer experience

We have exceptional experience in implementing IT solutions for ensuring organization management and increasing business efficiency. We have implemented over 100 value-creating projects in banks, corporations, industrial companies, service companies, and government institutions.

"The implemented changes allowed for increasing transparency in organization management, traceability of actions, and accessibility of information. The amount of paper documents has significantly decreased, as well as the space allocated for their storage. You won't find a single paper document on my personal work desk!"
Ričardas Leckas
General director

Story of success and efficiency

UAB “Elektrėnų komunalinis ūkis” is a company that seeks the most advanced methods of providing services to its consumers. After implementing the system, the company is pleased with tangible results:

  • Document management solutions have increased the speed of work organization processes;
  • Clearing up documents has reduced uncertainties during work;
  • Customer requests are processed faster. Information for their review is found with just a few clicks.
  • Correspondence management has made task creation and distribution easier.
  • Better process management has made it easier to link business activities;
  • The value provided by the system was particularly evident during the quarantine, when work was organized remotely.

Customer experience

100% successful implementations, 98% Customer satisfaction, even 26% of Lithuanian TOP50 companies, rich practice from different sectors and organizations of different size (from 10 to 5000 users).

Continuity and Innovation

We are constantly creating and developing solutions based on the latest trends and innovations.


Over 26 years of experience, we have accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge on how to improve management efficiency for companies in various sectors.

Mission - Efficiency

Our goal is not to "run" the system. Our goal is your efficiency and long-term cooperation to achieve your management goals.


We are not only with you during the implementation of the system, we remain your "personal trainers" and further on the road to efficiency and improvement.

One line of business

Focusing on management efficiency, we are professionals in our field who have developed the widest range of solutions on the market.


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