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Customer Relationship Management - CRM

Ensure quality relationships with customers. Have all customer-related information centralized, and provide possibilities for every person related to sales to know the history of all previous actions. Maintain a record of all customer communication in one place, and be able to immediately respond to the changing needs of customers. Reduce the time necessary for decision making and increase the customer’s trust in you.

Organization Management

Increase work efficiency by setting definite terms and responsibilities for all tasks. Register the assigned tasks, monitor the status of the tasks and control their deadlines in one common location. Optimize the work by using recurrent, routine tasks and by dividing the tasks into smaller ones.

Knowledge Management

Introduce employees promptly to any new relevant documents or new versions of documents. Check whether the documents have been read. Maintain a register of procedures, manuals, regulations, templates and other organizational documents conveniently in one location.

Quality Management

Control all quality management processes under one system. Manage non-conformities and their preventive actions. Measure, assess and develop the processes utilized.

Process Management

Manage contracts, staff, projects, supplies and other supporting processes in an optimal way. Though the management of such tasks is necessary in every organization, it is not necessary to waste your time when you have a possibility to do it more effectively and quickly. This will allow you more time for solving problems and making strategic decisions which add value to your organization.

Human Resources Management

Facilitate the management of human resources by making repetitive processes automatic and standardized. This should apply to the setting and assessment of annual objectives, approval of human resources applications and reports, management of business trips, registrations for training, salary calculation and other processes which may be facilitated, thus saving time and costs for an organization.

Project Management

Improve the quality of project management by using a system which provides the project team with access to project information, project tasks and project management tools. This will help ensure that the project team only uses the most recent project documentation, and that all team members are informed about any changes.

Communication Management

Do not lose your customers or partners because of improper communication management. Allocate received or outgoing correspondence easily and quickly to the responsible persons and delegate the required tasks to them.

Information Management

Do not become confused between existing and potential customers, partners and suppliers. Do not lose contacts during the turnover of employees. Use a centralized contact database, group customers, accumulate information and have access to it by using your smart phone: this will provide you with access to contact-related contracts, letters, assigned tasks and communication history.

Document Management

Do not waste your time when searching for documents in huge registers. Be able to access all the documents you need by simply pressing a few buttons at your work place, or by few touches on the screen of your phone. Easily locate and find classified information, for example, all Customer information or all Employee information.

Procurement and Contract Management

Ensure that contracts are prepared using the established organizational templates in order to prevent confusion between multiple versions and editions. The coordination of draft contracts with the necessary employees, managers and lawyers should be carried out in compliance with the established procedures. The possibility for urgent coordination also exists. The system will help to ensure that the responsible employees do not miss the terms of contract expiry or payment deadlines.


Development of software for individual orders, maintenance of infrastructure, installation, configuration and related services.


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