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Document, process and information management system (DMS) for efficient organization management
Dokumentų valdymo sistema - Sekasoft
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The uniqueness of the system is the modular structure, which can simultaneously include more than 30 organization management solutions adapted to the needs of the Client.

When working with the DVS system AIS, you will easily track information about the progress of operational processes and the performance of tasks assigned to employees, you will receive objective reports on the performance indicators of individual employees, project teams or departments.

You can easily access all the information via your smartphone, where you can also coordinate, sign documents, initiate actions or manage tasks.

Organizacijos valdymas (ECM)
Lower organization management costs
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Faster business processes
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Information and situation management in real time
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Less delays in tasks and projects
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Faster information search

Why should you choose DMS system AIS?

A range of solutions

Not only DMS, but also:

Customization options

User Experience (UX)

Guarantees of success



AIS pagalba galime efektyviau valdyti savo laiką ir procesus. Džiaugiamės galėdami greitai atlikti dokumentų pateikimą, tvirtinimą ir registraciją, užduočių valdymą – tai ypač svarbu dabar, kai keičiasi mums įprasti komunikacijos ir darbo principai. AIS sistema suteikia galimybes greitai patalpinti, surasti bei pasidalinti informacija. Startavome su personalo klausimais, pagal poreikį prijungiant vis daugiau DVS teikiamų galimybių.

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One system

For all digital content of the organization: business processes, document management, workflow, quality assurance, contacts, personnel process management, collaboration, e-mail. for mail, intranet, etc.


For active internal communication: news according to rubrics, procedures and forms and initiation of related processes, org. structure, birthdays, calendar, galleries, discussions, polls.

Fast actions

Steps for daily operations such as entering information, creating a document, initiating a process, assigning a task, etc. are conveniently available.

Submission of information

Emails, contracts, sales opportunities, tasks, processes, purchases, complaints, reports, documentation, profile, calendar and related information can be presented according to the relevant customer, project or employee.

Activity reports

Automatic periodic reports, e.g. dutiful performance of tasks, expiring contracts, unanswered letters, etc.


Information encryption, access control and auditing.


The system is accessible through a browser or smartphone.

Electronic signature

Signing documents with a qualified, advanced signature or e-press within the organization or with external participants on a one-stop basis!

DVS solutions for efficient management of the organization

The DMS system AIS provides the experience of exceptional opportunities for users to complete a system that will satisfy your most demanding needs. Experience the AIS system as a one-stop shop - in a normal environment!

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