SYNLAB Lietuva uab

Sector | Medical services

System users | 50+

Establishment | 2010

“A document and process management system allows us to work much more efficiently and conveniently. This is evidenced by the time saved, the availability of information and the speed of retrieval, the ability to restrict who can access a document. After feeling the benefits, there was a desire to have everything in the system. When some documents or other processes are not yet in DVS, you are very keen to add them there.

During the pandemic, when most administration staff worked remotely, it was very convenient to see documents online when there was no need to look for a responsible colleague’s cabinet or binder. Access to documents takes place online, no need to physically go through colleagues and collect signatures. It helps a lot having remote units in different cities. ”

Irena Ignaško
Head of HR, SYNLAB Lietuva



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