TOKS (Long-distance passenger transport company)


System users | 80+

System users | 300+

Establishment | 1996


NUMBER OF PASSENGERS SERVED | 2 million per year

The company TOKS faced the simple truth before installing the system – it can handle only one document at a time with one hand. So to increase the speed, you need more hands … In practical terms, it was decided to look for solutions to automate processes. In order to achieve the set goals, in 2018 it was decided to implement Sekasoft’s document and process management system (DVS). The first modules for managing documents, contracts, tasks and personnel documents were introduced. A year after implementation, we began moving accounting records to electronic space, which will save even more staff time as accounts are handled and transmitted electronically where they are needed and faster, and it is easier for accountants to manage account flows and assignments.

"TOKS" received value:

  • With the installation of the system, the nature of work has changed radically – hands have freed up, leaving more room to breathe and generate ideas.
  • From now on, we get a response from managers faster, and we also have the medium and tools where we can make suggestions and delegate tasks to others.
  • After the changes in the organization, we soon felt tangible results: we reconciled the documents and approved them 5 times faster. This is especially important when not all colleagues are “neighbors” in the office. Faster processes, of course, also mean less workload.
  • The team saved about 20% of work time and managers reduced administrative costs by about 40%. It is also worth mentioning the quality of services – by streamlining processes, customers are happier because their inquiries are answered faster.


In the near future TOKS plans – also a full-fledged internal communication platform. Drivers are expected to be invited in the coming years to implement DMS tools for their ongoing training. Distances will continue to grow – further routes, more orders, but the ambition remains to be available to each other at the click of a button. The system development plans also include automation of the procurement process to speed up decision-making.

Efficiency indicators

0 x
customer requests are answered faster
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faster document reconciliation and approval processes
0 %
Employee work time saved
0 %
Reduced administrative costs

“I asked for all the documents to be transferred to the electronic space sooner, so that there would be no more thick binders and piles of paper documents that I have to sign every day. To date, we have digitized most of our business processes, and the benefits provided motivate further change. ”

Arūnas Indrašius

“Last year, the turnover of TOKS increased by +0.5 million Eur. The increase in turnover at least 50% was affected by increased operating efficiency as a result of implementation of Sekasoft’s order management system.”

Sigita Vaičiutė
Head of marketing and sales


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