With the rapid increase in the number of Altas auto employees, all business processes intensified, and in connection with this, the flow of documents also increased. The preparation and coordination of documents and all related processes were chaotic and it quickly became clear that a growing company needed more modern management tools. In 2019, an installer was selected and the Sekasoft AIS Express document and process management system was installed. The implementation of the system was a great opportunity to measure the company’s processes and perform the classification of documentation. These actions helped to “put everything in a drawer”, brought clarity and company-specific working principles.

UAB "Altas auto" received value:

  • With the installation of the AIS Express system and the transfer of all company documentation to the electronic space, the work has become more convenient.
  • Many of the company’s business processes have been shortened several times, and employees are able to find the necessary documents and information faster.
  • The centralization of documents and the standardization of processes have created more opportunities to work remotely.
  • Consistency and speed have emerged due to continuous business processes with the ability to work from anywhere.
  • As the involvement of the team in the use of the system has increased, the number of errors has been reduced, it has become easier to trace procedural steps and versions of documents, and more transparency has emerged.
  • The search for aggregated information has been greatly accelerated.


All these factors allowed to increase the quality of the company’s operations. DVS also allows for faster contract preparation, faster task initiation, and faster response to customer inquiries. This definitely increases the quality and satisfaction of customer service. Administrative costs have been optimized by reducing paper document flows and eliminating physical reconciliation and validation of documents.

Efficiency indicators

0 x
faster integration of new employees
0 x
contract preparation has accelerated
0 x
on average faster document reconciliation and approval processes
Automated human resource processes
0 %
Reduced time spent preparing and approving documents

“We chose the AIS Express system because of its quick and easy installation and the wide range of options offered, which meet the specifics of the manufacturing company. Thanks to it, we were able to centralize and automate the processes related to documents and personnel, to “unhook” morally obsolete and non-talking systems. I am pleasantly surprised at how many processes can be coordinated without printing and signing a paper document, and simply following the intended sequence – in fact – the limits are on our minds! ”

Povilas Byla
Head of IT

“We have long focused on direct value chain processes, technology and production, so I look forward to finally providing a tool for the administration and facilitating their day-to-day work. Many documents have already moved to the electronic space, visioning has become simpler, there is no need to explain who, when, why brought one or another document. ”

Edvardas Radzevičius


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