Kaunas university of technology

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Kaunas university of technology (KTU) is one the largest technological universities in the Baltics. Known for its linkages with business, leadership in scientific research, flexible interdisciplinary study programs and unforgettable study experience. Process, document and information management system was installed in KTU in 2014. At the beginning of the implementation project has been overcoming some challenges: needed to automate processes formalization, administrative staff resistance to innovation. Thanks to the competent Sekasoft and KTU specialists team responsible for the project successful cooperation, progress of the project has gained expeditiously.

„The project‘s success was led by Sekasoft team experience and expertise, the ability to offer and implement solutions that enable management the system of the complex processes of the University, characterized by the abundance and high (around 2500) number of users. Supplier’s created and the University’s community used tools enable the administration of the University complex processes, saving staff time to carry out the
processes of monitoring and assessment of quality“

Živilė Stankevičiūtė, 
Head of document management department



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