Šiaulių bankas

Sector | Finance

System users | 700+

establishment | 1992

Number of units | 65

Market position | 4

by share of loans and deposits

In 2017, the bank implemented an integrated Sekasoft system, which includes document, process and digital content management. The system helps employees quickly find the necessary information, immediately initiate processes, participate in these processes in real time, approve documents electronically. Employees now make most decisions in the electronic space, approving documents with electronic signatures, which has significantly reduced the flow of paper documents. Along with operational efficiency solutions, an employee motivation system “Thank You” has been developed and implemented, the aim of which is to increase employee involvement, motivation and team sense.

Bank's received value:

The solutions that have brought the greatest benefits allowed to improve operational efficiency, increase team involvement in the bank’s operations and improve business processes. The efficiency results achieved also had a positive effect on the quality of customer service.

Increased efficiency

The implemented system helped Šiaulių bankas to reduce the duration of various processes from 2 to 10 times, and there were almost no paper documents left in those processes. With electronic approval of documents, decision-making has accelerated by as much as 3 times. In addition up to 90% are saved working time of the staff involved in those processes. 85% less time is now spent searching for documents and other information.


Efficiency indicators

0 x
Decision making has accelerated
0 x
Accelerated search
0 x
Faster approval of payment card applications
0 %
The time taken to coordinate and approve procedures has been reduced
0 %
Reduced paper consumption in many processes

“We chose this system taking into account the high security requirements and the extensive experience of the installer in information management. Also due to the possibility to integrate solutions that increase internal communication and staff involvement and motivation in addition to document and process management. Another important criterion is the flexibility and ability of Lithuanian companies to find quick and sometimes non-standard solutions. ”

Asta Mažulienė
Director of the Banking Operation Administration Department

“It is important that after the implementation of the system, more and more bank managers and employees discover and offer new possibilities to use the system, which helps to improve other digitized internal and customer-related processes.”

Živilė Skibarkienė
Head of the Legal and Administrative Service


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