System users | 20+

Establishment | 1996

Lipnus is one of the leading suppliers of printing materials, films for advertising, equipment for printing companies in the Baltic States and Belarus.

The Sekasoft document and process management system implemented in the company back in 2003 increased the efficiency of the following business processes: document search, processing of customer complaints and needs, and correspondence management.

Digitized documents and contracts help discover information more efficiently. The system helps to better understand customers’ recurring purchasing needs and resolve queries faster.

"Lipnus" received value:

  • Contact information management tools resolved contact availability and integrity issues.
  • Document management tools have facilitated the registration and distribution of correspondence.
  • Working with suppliers and customers is greatly facilitated by the Contracts module. Contract matching and search processes have become significantly faster.
  • All system components are integrated with each other and linked to e-mail, which is why AIS has become fast in our company, and the circle of users is constantly expanding.


Efficiency indicators

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faster document search
0 x
faster coordination of documents
0 %
less paper documents
0 %
faster integration of new employees
0 x
faster information processing
0 %
lower on average administrative costs

“The document and process management system provided the right tools to better track the processes and work in the system. We can find the information and documents we need much easier and faster. ”

Tomas Samulevičius

“The document and process management system has helped us to organize our documents properly, significantly reducing the number of paper documents. We find digitized documents in the system more convenient, so we can perform work-related processes faster.”

Daiva Žilėnienė
Senior financier


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